Revolutionizing Industries with our Engineered Solutions

Revolutionary, World-Changing, World-Improving Technologies

Fifty years after astronauts on NASA’s Apollo 11 spacecraft first landed on the moon, the Apollo Missions also had another major effect on the world — rapidly accelerating the pace of technology development. It stands to reason that Apollo Power Solutions should take its name from this historic space program as we deliver powerful, specialized, “branded” product technologies to a world sorely in need of innovative/alternative electrical power, life enhancing comfort cooling & heat, agricultural process, healthcare ancillary support structures and the means to support those industries through service related products that offer a quantum leap forward in “how things get done”.

Inventing Better….Globally

The timing for our products could not be better. As the need for new energy solutions for electricity, etc. has never been greater, our ability to:

  • Reduce power grid demands
  • Make power available virtually anywhere

Additionally, we provide technology for commercial, humanitarian disaster and military applications. We deliver these solutions with our unique “POD” technologies:

  • HygroPOD
  • HortiPOD
  • TemperPOD
  • EnerPOD

HVAC/R Products are also a big part of what we deliver to the global marketplace.

Our Key and Core Philosophy

APS is committed to the “Made in the USA” philosophy. Our co-founders and management team believe that producing new ideas in this country is not enough…. we also need to build and manufacture our products here as well.

As stated in our motto, “Apollo Power Solutions Is Where Technology Meets Need,” we aim to fulfill a demanded need, improve how tasks get done, and develop solutions to problems through innovative creativity.


All of our products are patented, or patent pending and proudly made in the USA.
Get ahead of the competition by using our top-notch products. Contact us today to learn more about what we offer.