Specialized Digital Defrost Controller

Apollo TimeRITE

Specialized Digital Defrost Controller

Apollo TimeRITETimeRITEis a specialized digital defrost controller w/temperature and pressure functions that delivers dramatic energy savings. It provides calendar-based defrost schedules/cycles that deliver financial returns previously unavailable to school districts. Essentially providing re-purposed dollars to schools to be used for additional staff, student infrastructure and educational programs thru the reduced energy consumption it returns.

Why TimeRITE? Current models waste energy dollars by running defrost cycles constantly and unnecessarily. The amount saved by installing TimeRITE means funds for additional staff, school programs etc. (Install is quick and non-interruptive).

Just imagine….instead of writing a check to the utility company, you can write a check to new teachers, school programs, or improvements for your school or district.

  • TimeRITE™ is a unique specialized defrost clock that contains a 365-Day Clock Calendar which can be customized to your school schedule.
  • TimeRITE™ will turn your food services equipment; refrigerator, freezer, reach-in or walk-in into an ENERGY & MONEY SAVER machine by customizing your defrost operations by schedule, temperature AND pressure.
  • Each school district’s/university’s application varies, however in all cases, savings begin immediately.
  • ROI’s can be returned to the institutions in as little as 3 months after a TimeRITE™ program is implemented.

In every school utilizing food service, the refrigeration defrost process runs continuously…24/7….with no way to control it…UNTIL NOW.

  • Install time:  3 hours or less per school
  • No facility/process interruption
  • ROI in as little as 3 months
  • Extends lifecycle of equipment
  • Annual savings:  $205,000+ (based on $0.20kWh)
  • BACnet compatible for all school building automation systems