Self-Contained AG Environment System


A Fully Housed AG Environmental System Specifically Pre-Configured for Controlled Rapid-Growth Horticultural Applications (Gourmet & Heirloom Vegetables, Delicate Floral, Herbs and/or Cannabis)

The HortiPOD equipment line was developed around specific design parameters and criteria allowing it to be used in a wide variety of agricultural applications.

The HortiPOD unit is delivered as a completely “Ready to Run – Place & Plant” solution. It comes replete with temperature & humidity equipment & controls designed and engineered with grow lighting and a processor controlled/monitor-capable nutrient delivery system in order to provide a uniform and consistent crop-specific growth environment.

It will high-yield produce hi-grade crops in its “near pharma-grade” environment. This means ALL vegetables, flowers, herbs and spices can be grown/produced year-round WITHOUT insect infestation (ZERO pesticides are needed due to HortiPOD being a “hermetic environment”.) Pathogens, spores, dust and all errant air-borne particulate are filtered out…so the internal environment is cleaner, more pure than anything currently used to grow consumable produce, food or ambient-sensitive florals.

HortiPOD is delivered as a one piece unit/housing and is capable of being on-line, up & running within 4 – 8 hours. High voltage power and water supply point-of-connections are easily hooked-up from site-available sources.

HortiPOD™ is a “Fully Integrated Equipment Environmental System (FIEES), it can utilize natural gas, steam heat, mechanical heat or resistance heat in its internal cycle depending on on-site utility provisions.

It is pre-tested, pre-commissioned and also includes safety sensors for CO2 threshold-level cutoff when occupied. This system provides a “pharma-grade environment” that will consistently produce high-yield, high-grade crops. In addition to cannabis applications, it can also be used to grow anything that needs high quality pharma-grade conditions or even just year-round growth otherwise unattainable due to certain climatic conditions. Flowers, fruits, vegetables etc are all easily grown/produced with a few simple programming changes to its micro-processor which will tailor the specific conditions required for the crop being produced.


Fully insulated throughout, HortiPOD is impervious to all/any external environmental impact so long as power and water are consistently delivered to it. Inclement weather has no effect on HortiPOD function capability.

HortiPOD is available in two (2) sizes:

  • 950cu.ft.(20ft. Overall Length)
  • 1850cu.ft. (40ft. Overall Length)

It can be placed on a secure plot of land, in the parking lot of the served facility/restaurant, adjacent to the served facility/restaurant… and with power and water hooked-up, can be producing crop faster and more, consistently than by any other existing means.

Corrosion resistant steel shelving/racks for potted or tray crop growth are standard and may be customer-selected for size, depth and number.

The environmental support equipment is internally located in an end compartment as us the nutrient feed equipment.

Completely pre-fabricated with engineered directional grow-lighting, temperature and air quality controls, each HortiPOD is needs only to be crop-loaded…seed, seedlings, young mid-growth plants are all supported via its microprocessor pre-configured algorithms or may be altered/customized as required.

The result is uniform product/crop + shortened time-to-harvest.

Take the “unknown” out of your food production or restaurant business model regarding produce quality and delivery and let HortiPOD create greater profits for your bottom line.

Easier. Faster. More Uniform. More Reliable. More Profitable.

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“HygroPOD™”, “HortiPOD™” & “EnerPOD™” are Trademark Proprietary Properties of Apollo Power Solutions, Inc.