Self-Contained & Fully Autonomous Medical Treatment Environment


ICU-Pod is a “self-contained & fully autonomous” medical treatment environment designed as a critical care, 4 or 8 station unit with hospital grade infrastructure and HEPA HVAC System compliance.

As an over-the-road transportable structure, it can be delivered to any convalescent care facility and be set in place and completely operational in less than 8 hours with temporary power and water being all that’s required from the adjacent site-facility. An optional but recommended APS generator can provide 24 hour uninterruptible power so ICU-Pod is always “on-line” and operational without concern for power outages that could inhibit life-supporting systems.

Independent and stand-a-lone, ICU-Pod remains physically separate from the permanent care facility in order to eliminate potential in-building contamination or infectious spread. Further contamination spread is eliminated from ingress/egress activity by means of an ante room-air lock access area.

Inside ICU-POD, our PerfWALL Technology provides full internal ‘laminar-type air flow’ across the entire width of the treatment space ensuring uniform and critical air flow for every patient station. This feature provides and aids in general recovery ventilation which is a high priority in the care of ICU patients.

HEPA filtration is integral and air is also “scrubbed” upon exit from the ICU-Pod’s envelope. Stainless steel internal walls and aircraft strength aluminum sub-flooring is top-covered with joint-sealed stainless-steel sheeting textured for step-grip and slip-resist qualities and easily sanitized & decontaminated as a “wash down” environment.

Virtually indestructible due to its rigid steel and support design, ICU-Pod can be placed anywhere and cannot shake apart or collapse due to earthquake. It’s also high-wind and gale resistant via pre-placed subterranean flush anchor footing lash-downs. As a hardened outer steel structure, ICU-Pod is the ideal ruggedized critical care medical treatment center for any/all infection susceptible OR infected patients requiring intensive medical attention around the clock. IT CAN BE SET IN PLACE ANYWHERE and is considered “non-permanent” yet can be delivered with emergency Office of Statewide Health Planning (OSHPD in California and other states’ approval agencies) certification for medical treatment occupancy.