BondPAKTM Automotive

4,000psi Epoxy Repair Compound

Apollo BondPAK Automotive

We didn’t invent multi-purpose epoxy… but we DID invent the best and most versatile type of multi-purpose, hi-strength epoxy available for use today in automotive repair applications of all kinds: BondPAK™.

When it comes to versatility, strength & ease of use, BondPAK leads the field with its space-age technology.

BondPAK™ comes in a “3-Pack” with each BondPAK dispenser being a “single use” nozzle-tipped applicator. This unique design ensures zero waste… meaning you only use what you need: no more leaking plungers or cracked, leaking tubes full of unused product that goes “bad” after the first use.

A “must have” for your garage shop or tool kit, it’s great for emergency or permanent fixes. With a 4000+psi tensile strength yield point, you can rely on BondPAK to keep the steel, various metals and assorted plastics for your car or truck pars repair bonded together. Impervious to oils and resistant against extreme temperatures, BondPAK will fully cure when applied at 72°F in just 60 minutes.

Nothing Beats BondPAK™.