Flexible Refrigerant / Water Piping Connectors

FlexADAPT™ piping connectors are available in the following sizes: 3/8”, 3/4”, 7/8” & 1 1/8 and are 44” OAL.

They are sold in sets, individually and custom sizes / lengths as well.

FEATURESFlexADAPT TMCurrent Approach and Materials
Can be affixed to new or existing air conditioning/refrigeration line-sets OR water linesMarkMark
Uses a proprietary chemical bonding process or brazingMark
Eliminates flame safety hazards for installation personnelMark
Reduces excessive copper fittings, excessive adapters and materials currently needed to connect mechanical equipment to the line-setsMark
Eliminates potential leak repairsMark
Greatly reduces labor time needed to install or retrofit equipment (labor is reduced by 60-70%)Mark
FlexADAPT TM can actually rescue a job. It can accommodate hard to access piping locations. Turn that “no-can-do” job into a “CAN DO!” job quickly and easily.Mark
PSI Rating: 750psi to 1825psi (diameter size dependent)Mark