Micron Vacuum Manifold

Apollo MicroTITE

Micron Vacuum Manifold

MicroTITE™ Micron Vacuum Manifold provides an ABSOLUTE mechanical test-means of ensuring a complete vacuum has been created within a refrigeration piping system prior to charging it with refrigerant of any type. To date, this has been “hit & miss” based on a number of field variables such as: leaking service tool manifolds (used by the HVAC/R techs), leaking hoses, bad vacuum pumps, poor service practice and others. It incorporates our LeakPRUF™ product (2 of the 1/4” size) and is unique in the market.

Why MicroTITE? Because vacuum operations on current-day equipment using hybrid refrigerants require near-perfect, low micron results – no existing manifold-hose combination can produce consistent, guaranteed results to that degree.


  • Takes away ANY possibility of service tool air inlet leakage.
  • Stand-a-lone vacuum manifold for increased productivity – won’t tie up your service manifold for evacuation process.
  • Fully isolates piping from external permeation sources – takes out ANY soft leak potential:  bad O-rings, hoses etc.
  • Tested to 1000PSI and 10 microns to ensure thorough vacuum process – guarantees device reliability & accuracy.
  • Achieves ≤/= 50 microns.
  • Accommodates any standard micron gauge.
  • High/volume vacuum capable.
  • Adapts to all equipment access valves – easy high and low port connections.
  • No valve-packing leak potential – eliminates any service valve seepage (no moving parts)

“Your Partner for a Perfect Vacuum”